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For a business meeting would you choose a suit or you could go for something more feminine? Personally I believe there are some details that you can’t miss like heals, hair and bag, and others that you can play with. Why not a midi skirt instead trousers to skip the traditional rules of what to wear for a meeting/interview? Of course the colors you pick are fundamental to make an impression, I suggest to always play safe with black, white, neutrals.

Last week I had a very important meeting and in that morning I couldn’t be late. Fortunately all went well and we had a wonderful business discussion. Back to office, I looked down and I couldn’t believe my eyes, I haven’t zipped my pants, so the whole morning I walked there with open pants zipper and nobody had the courage to tell me that. Now of course I laugh, but let’s be honest, it’s not funny. A midi skirt would be a wonderful choice for that morning, at least would have helped to avoid this disaster of shame. What about you? What’s your statement item for business meetings?









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