Put a beret on it

My husband asked me if I’m going to paint something today. I know he really likes to see me with a beret, I look very Parisian he says, just like an artist. Well about artist I’m not sure, but I accept “parisian” in the middle. I see so many photos on instagram of how beautiful is Paris right now with blooming sakura and bright spring days. We got some magnolia blooming too, oh, it’s my favorite tree and just started to open the first buds. I told you we had snow last week, so spring is quite delayed.

On weekend we planned a very chill program, dinner with friends, drinks with friends again. On Sunday morning we had late breakfast and planned our next trips, I say trips because of my work I have to plan my holidays for the whole year. So we spent the morning dreaming about incredible places and booking flights. I have always the tendency to overreact, getting super excited and picking places like 24h away. Our flight to Thailand was so painful, 18 hours was a bit agressive, I was getting crazy in the plane. So we decided no more long flights for next trips. What about you? Are you travelling this year to an amazing dream place? Let us inspired with your suggestions.









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