The New Classics

I have no secrets, I get inspiration for my style exactly from the same place you do, social media. I don’t even read magazines anymore, mostly because I don’t have time to buy them and then same problem for reading.

All the fashion made today is on internet. Also fashion became so instant, it’s hard to keep the standards of a good wardrobe when every week you have something new trending somewhere. These days I was invited to a presentation about neuroscience and how we behave shows us how well and healthy our brain functions are. So, rewarding yourself for example, like doing shopping on weekend is actually a good sign that your brain produce enough dopamine. So I realized I might produce to much dopamine and also kinda made me feel safe, there is nothing wrong with me. Just too much dopamine.

Lately I’ve seen this elegant combination of white and brown shades and I really like the balance of these two. And because it’s still cold outside I could afford these days wearing a nice chocolate color coat. Fashion should be this, flexible and inspirational, free and empowering. And when I wear heels I feel empowered, I feel good.  What about you? What are your new classics?

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