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{EN} This morning I woke up with a bright light in our room. We had the first snow! Well it quickly melted, nothing left, just deep cold and more naked trees. I was struggling to find my gloves and choosing the warmest winter coat while my husband started making fun of me about how sometimes I overreact. Yes, because dressing for the office with freezing temperatures can feel uninspired.

I look now at these pictures and I`m jealous of this girl wearing shoes and light blue coat. All I`ll see for the next 3 months it will be pants, sweaters, boots and wool. Ok, maybe too much drama, after all it`s winter, the season of cocooning and inspiration. In Switzerland it`s impossible not to love winter, so you start buying clothes that allow you to feel elegant even wrapped in five layers.  I still need to buy warm scarfs, because accessories you never get enough. What about you? Everything prepared to switch for the cold season?

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