Infinite Pink

{EN} As a customer, I`m a very easy one, I buy mostly by impulse and I believe 80% of my shopping is successful. That means basically I will wear those clothes more than once in a season. These days I made a deep selection of my old clothes. The rule was very simple, to separate all the articles that I haven`t use last year/summer. You won`t believe the amount of things I kept in my closet, the waste of money and resources we do with shopping. So I packed everything and I donated it all, just to make sure that all those clothes will have a second chance, a second life. By doing that I realized that my successful shopping is actually around 50%, not 80%. Very sad I think.

So I promised to myself from now to do smart shopping, trendy articles yes, but less and focus mainly on timeless clothes. Today`s suit combo, is a mix between elegant and casual suitable for heels and sneakers too. I love when elegant clothes become easily casual ones and we can wear it in endless ways.  How do yo feel about excessive shopping?

LOOK - Infinite Pink (01b)

LOOK - Infinite Pink (02b)

Look - Infinite Pink (03b)

Look - Infinite Pink (04b)

Look - Infinite Pink (05b)

Look - Infinite Pink (06b)


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