Secret Caves and Beaches to explore on the Algarve`s Coast

{EN} When in Algarve, you can have a relaxing, quiet vacation spending your time on the beach or a more lively adventure, jumping into caves and exploring hidden wild beaches. Algarve is known for having some of the most stunning coastline in Europe and the best way to discover towering sea cliffs and beautiful caves is to take part in a boat trip.

No page on google and even all our photos can really show you all the beauty of algarvian coastline. The breathtaking rock formations, deep blue waters, hidden natural caves, stone arches will make you fall in love deeply.

We took a boat tour from a small local company in Ferragudo (cute tiny fishing village close to Portimão), which included 2h (25 euro per ticket) of exploring and looking at the limestone cliffs, caves and small hidden beaches. Along the tour we saw magnificent locations. We had a guide explaining every detail and telling us funny stories about the places we passed by.

The main attraction is Benagil Cave, the pearl of the sea. Benagil has a sand beach within a massive cave, with an opening at the top to let in sun light, absolutely extraordinary. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the cave beach is really amazing and unique. The adjacent Praia da Marinha is also full of impressive natural stone arches, actually was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life. To that end, we’ve gathered some of the prettiest, most spectacular photos to bring a little more inspiration into your life.

Boat Trip Lagos (001b)

Boat Trip Lagos (002b)

Boat Trip Lagos (003b)

Boat trip Lagos (014b)

Boat trip Lagos (004b)

Boat trip Lagos (013b)

Boat trip Lagos (005b)

Boat trip Lagos (006b)

Benagil Cave

Boat trip Lagos (007b)

Boat trip Lagos (008b)

Boat trip Lagos (015b)

Marinha Beach (Praia da Marinha)

Boat trip Lagos (010b)

Boat trip Lagos (011b)

Boat trip Lagos (012b)

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