10 things you need to know before planning Croatia

My life is so busy lately, work is crazy and my energy is not enough to get a life after those 8h30 daily. I told to my husband I really need a break and go somewhere to disconnect and relax. As a birthday gift you can ask everything, right? So I did. I dreamed with a trip to Croatia for a while and finally all the planets of the Universe lined up for me. Croatia is an amazing country and we had so many surprises while there. But before you go you must know some important things about:


1.Time to come aboard!

Croatia is the land of 1244 islands to be more exact so plan in advance your visit to enjoy some of them while visiting the country. Boat trips can be quite expensive and hard to get if not well planned. But that is one of the most beautiful experiences Croatia has to offer.



2.There is no sand in Croatia.

Croatian beaches are pebbly and rocky (..and that is why the sea is so cristal and blue) so you will absolutely need special shoes for that.



3. Croatian people are nice and warm.

Everywhere you go you will feel welcomed and respected. Locals speak very good english so you will never feel lost while exploring around.



4. Crowded place in summer.

Croatia is known for summer parties and festivals. Starting from July massive number of tourists hits the most important cities and islands. May and June might be better options foe those who prefer visiting the country in peace.



 5. Croatia is not a cheap destination.

Dubrovnik is super expensive in case you were wondering. Good food is pricey and consider a budget for your touristic attractions list.



6. Don’t buy useless souvenirs.

Croatia is well known (…or maybe not) for truffles, honey, olive oil, fig sweets and lavender. Go original and buy local.



7. Everywhere you go you are connected.

There is wireless connection in all restaurants and bars, even on the boats, crazy right? So no need to spend extra time and money to buy internet.



8. Croatia is not a place for coffee lovers.

Oh, I’m really sorry to say that, but coffee in Croatia is bad. I’ve tried it everywhere, no decent coffee was found.



9. The official currency it’s not euro.

For your holidays in Croatia¬† you’ll have to exchange money and the local currency is croatian kuna.



10. Clean and clear!

Croatian people have one quality of which I’m so proud. They are clean people and that makes the whole difference . For example hotels and airbnb we’ve booked were impeccable, which made our stay extremely comfortable and relaxing. Thank you guys!



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