Jodhpur – the heart of Rajasthan, India

{EN} Jodhpur was our second stop in Rajasthan. One hour flight from Jaipur in the middle of the dessert lies the city that I`ve been dreaming about for so long. We landed in a small military airport where you aren`t allowed to take any pictures or videos. I must confess it wasn`t the most welcoming place we visited in India, but the minute we left the military space, the beauty of this city started to rise. I remember that for the first time we saw clear blue sky, no more pollution, no more foggy days. The whole time we spent in Jodhpur I was confused about how this beautiful city could host so much poverty and richness at the same time.

Our hotel unfortunately was located in the military space too and air military training would happen in the middle of the night. That is definitely a thing that you can`t forget, so be careful and check the location of your hotel, prefer to stay in the city rather  trying to choose a peaceful place outside. Then let the adventure begin. Start with Mandore Gardens, then hill top Mehrangahr Fort and maybe Jaswant Thada. All these places are unbelievable, you can`t really understand what I`m saying until you actually go there. Meet the locals going to the Clock Tower market and don`t leave unless you buy spices, tea and sweets. We had all the time our tour guide and our driver with us, not because we felt unsafe, it`s just because it`s easier to get in the city and plan all the palaces visits. From the market, crossing small tiny streets, we found the RAAS hotel where we had an amazing lunch with a priceless view of the fort. I swear the place looked like a paradise in the middle of the city, friendly staff and impressive reception and fantastic food.

It`s in Jodhpur that the “Taj Mahal of Rajasthan” was built, the Umaid Bhawan Palace, which today is divided among the royal family residency, museum and luxurious hotel (considered by the way in 2017 the most expensive hotel in the world). I`ve never seen such an extravagant construction in my life, the place is incredibly gorgeous. We wanted to book lunch there of course, but you need to book the restaurant way in advance to get a table. No chances to live like royalty, not even for a day. No matter in which part of the city you are, you can spot Umaid Palace from everywhere, sounds extraordinary right?

After such a busy day, back to the hotel I slept like a baby, dreaming with all these beautiful palaces in the arms of my sweet husband. It was our dream trip after all!

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One thought on “Jodhpur – the heart of Rajasthan, India

  1. I have lived in Jodhpur for Over three years and I have seen all these places a number of times. They didn’t look so beautiful then as they are looking now.
    It is because we are looking at them through a beautiful person’s eyes.

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