In stripes

I know… all my posts are super late and I`ve been so inactive lately on the blog. I should dedicate more time to things that I really enjoy to do. I still have to edit India posts, so many amazing photos to show you, articles from Amsterdam trip and of course, Sicily! My job has stolen all my time, I thought eh, is just the first month, it takes time to get used to the new schedule, new rhythm, well basically new life. Naah! 8 months later the things are running the same. Don`t get me wrong, I`m so so grateful for what happened to me, I`ve been dreaming about this job for so long. But I must say there is no perfect job, you need to manage very well your time, otherwise you have no life, just a job.

Weekends for us are a serious escape, sometimes it feels like we are everywhere. Do you feel the same? Well we are trying to enjoy the last days of swiss summer, so white shades and sneakers sound fair enough to me. Happy Friday!

Outfit_blue (003b)

Outfit_blue (002b)

Outfit_blue (004b)

Outfit_blue (005b)

Outfit_blue (006b)

Outfit_blue (001b)

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