Nothing beats a checked coat

{EN} Hey there! Please tell me that your Monday was better than mine! These 2 weeks have been pretty busy and hectic at work, I`m not saying that is bad, it`s just a little bit too much for me. In between we celebrated Ester twice, yey! So cupcakes and all sweets you`ve seen on Instagram were for Easter celebration, not for me, no no, hehe! And guess where we spent the Easter holidays this year? London {37} First time in London, can you believe that? I have so many things to show you from our London trip, I hope I will be able to write something very soon on the blog.

Today I realize there is no space for my creative moments anymore. I stopped cooking, writing for the blog and reading books. I also need a Rumba cleaner, 2 agendas and extra hours of sleep. And please do not trust in my smile today, it can show you the happiness but not the tiredness. However, nothing beats a checked coat and a big smile.

OODT - Red details (001b)

OODT - Red details (002b)

OODT - Red details (003b)

OODT - Red details (004b)

OODT - Red details (005b)

OODT - Red details (006b)

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