Brunch above the clouds, Le Mirador Resort&Spa Hotel

{EN} Close your eyes and let your dreams carry you to the heavens. What does it look like? While you are imagining white sand beaches with turquoise warm waters, I`m actually looking at these blue color-drenched spectacular photos. Paradise doesn`t begin to describe this unbelievable place. But there is a secret I`m dying to share with you. Nestled in the middle of the lush Alps landscape, Le Mirador Resort&Spa Hotel welcomes you on Sunday with an incredible brunch above the clouds. Look at the view, just unreal!

You could spend countless hours here sipping cappuccinos, enjoying fresh food and gazing at the beautiful Alps in an intimate atmosphere. There is something special about this brunch, in addition to the open buffet with a typical variety of breakfast options (cold and hot dishes), Le Mirador welcomes its guests with a real outdoor barbecue (the meats are absolutely delicious, but grilled seafood was my favorite). If barbecue is too much for you, a sushi bar made by the Chef is waiting to delight you. What’s more, at Le Mirador they know how to make the most of the fresh fruit season. A large choice of fruit cakes, french toasts (so yummy, is a can`t-miss), desserts, mousses, salads and sweet shots will win you over with their fresh flavor.

Shimmering waters, endless sun and incredible view are just a few of Le Mirador`s alluring aspects. You try it once and then there is no way to go back. For those who are brunch lovers we leave a note for booking in advance a table above the clouds here

Brunch above the Clouds(001b)

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